Wedding Vows: How To Say “I Do” In The Most Heartfelt Way

Wedding Vows: How To Say “I Do” In The Most Heartfelt Way

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The time has come for you to write your wedding vows but you might be stumped. Even if you’re eloquent and masterful at words, summarising your relationship with your significant other isn’t easy. What’s more, articulating all your emotions in this vulnerable moment can be anxiety-inducing, especially since it’ll probably be done on one of the most elegant wedding ballroom stage in Singapore in front of all your loved ones. Public speaking is one thing, but wedding vows are certainly another!

However, this doesn’t mean that crafting wedding vows has to be a daunting task. With enough time and some guidelines, you’ll have more than enough to write. Here are five tips on how to perfect your wedding vows. Hopefully, our pointers will aid you in expressing your thoughts with an added personal touch to emphasise your sincerity.

1. Draft Out Your Thoughts Early

Wedding Vows: How To Say “I Do” In The Most Heartfelt Way

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It goes without saying that if you’re a perfectionist or a worrywart, it’s probably best to start your vows early. To turn your raw emotions into heartfelt messages, set aside time and space (headspace and a literal comfortable space) for you to start penning your vows. At this stage, don’t worry about formulating proper sentences just yet! This is only the beginning after all!

Another pro tip here is to chart out your relationship in a timeline. Arrange this timeline out from your past to present to even your future.

●     Past: How did you both meet?

●     Present: From that first encounter, how did the other become your current partner in crime?

●     Future: How do you envision the future for you and your partner?

Charting out the progress of your relationship helps you to ascertain a clearer picture and trajectory of what you want to mention in your wedding vow. It helps you to remember all the fondest moments that formed the foundation of this marriage that you’re both about to enter into together. 

2. Share How Your Partner Has Changed You Positively 

Wedding Vows: How To Say “I Do” In The Most Heartfelt Way

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One of the reasons why your partner is the one is because they make you the best version of yourself. So a great way to personalise your vows is to share how they’ve made a positive difference in your life. 

You might already share this with your partner daily, but it’s essential to include this in wedding vows too. The wedding ceremony is a pivotal moment in your relationship. Not only do you want to assure them, but announce to your loved ones how much this partner of yours means to you.

3. Peppering in ‘I love you’ Phrases

Wedding Vows: How To Say “I Do” In The Most Heartfelt Way

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This can seem like a big ‘duh’ but you’d be surprised by how many couples exclude these important words! These simple yet timeless words carry so much weight and go to great lengths at expressing your commitment to your partner.

Along with these words, string in more reasons as to why you love them. If you’re worried about being too corny, weaving in reasons together with your declarations of love might be more manageable. For example, phrasing your sentence like ‘I love you because…’ is a trick that steers you away from cheesy lines.

However, we personally believe that your fiance won’t mind you repeating these three words throughout the speech. To them, there’s probably never a thing as too many ‘I love you’ phrases, so feel free to pepper them in your speech to your heart’s content.

4. Drop Some Personal Anecdotes 

Wedding Vows: How To Say “I Do” In The Most Heartfelt Way

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Remember the shared moments which you penned down during your initial draft? Leave them in because they add that personal touch to your vows. When you share a small story that strikes a chord with your partner, they know you matter to them even in the smallest moments. It’s the details that count the most.

When you draw on the little everyday moments endearingly, you bring out the extraordinary from these unassumingly ordinary events. Trust us, these anecdotes will definitely assure your partner of your appreciation for them. Regardless of how big or small the moment might be, just knowing that their presence in these moments makes the difference to you is more than enough.

5. Paint a Future With Them 

Wedding Vows: How To Say “I Do” In The Most Heartfelt Way

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Not to forget that a vow is a promise dedicated to that special person you wish to spend a lifetime with. A good way to end the vow is to appreciate them by sharing your envisioned future with them. Keep your promises realistic because apart from the nostalgic moments shared, staying grounded and rooted to where it all started shows your commitment in your ‘I Do’!


When you’re navigating through a turning point in your relationship, we don’t blame you for wanting to make it perfect. However, do keep in mind that you can easily be carried away if you get over consumed with churning draft after draft out.  Keep your drafts to a maximum of five. Perfection is impossible, but being genuine and heartfelt with raw emotions is the most important. 

Wedding Vows: How To Say “I Do” In The Most Heartfelt Way

Source: viarami on Pixabay

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