4 Small Ways To Say A Big Thank You To Your Wedding Guests

4 Small Ways To Say A Big Thank You To Your Wedding Guests

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During your wedding ceremony, there is no doubt that you are the stars of the show. However, some might say that the supporting cast also includes those who brought you and your significant other together: your beloved wedding guests!

More likely than not, your wedding guests would consist of people in your lives that have witnessed you embarking on this journey, supporting the two of you through your ups and downs. Hence, all the more reason to thank them for being there when you needed them. When planning out your wedding reception, it’s best to include them in the celebration, even in the tiniest gestures.

This is even more crucial now that you have to trim your guest list in view of the current COVID-19 safety measures. So, amp your efforts and show them just how grateful and appreciative you are of your closest friends and family. With these four simple tips, saying “thank you for being a huge part of my wedding” will be a piece of cake. 

1. Ensure Your Invitations are Delivered Smoothly

4 Small Ways To Say A Big Thank You To Your Wedding Guests

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With unpredictable delivery schedules and speeds, it’s always best to send out your invitations early. A good rule of thumb is to post them out about one month before your wedding, accounting for delays or misplaced invitations. Even if you’re planning to send e-invitations, sending invitations out early assures your guests that they are remembered and not simply a last-minute invitee to occupy empty wedding tables. 

Another nice gesture is to drop your invitees a message once you’ve posted the invitations. Let them know you’re requesting their presence on your big day. At the same time, you’re providing them with a heads-up on the delivery of the invitation card. This way, they’ll know that you’d love to have them be a part of your celebration! 

2. Provide Detailed Directions to Your Venue

4 Small Ways To Say A Big Thank You To Your Wedding Guests

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Welcoming your guests doesn’t mean you need to lay a red carpet at your wedding reception. Informing them of important directory details such as the wedding ballroom number is a good place to start — the last thing you’d want is to find them at the ballroom of another wedding!

If you’ve chosen a wedding venue in Singapore that is a little out of the way, consider providing them transport from a common pick up point (perhaps at a convenient MRT station) or creating a directory video to guide guests to the location. This is especially useful for those friends or family members who don’t drive or are elderly in age.

Thus, make this thoughtful gesture for them by facilitating their navigation to your wedding venue with greater ease and minimal complications. 

3. Make Sure They’re Comfortable

4 Small Ways To Say A Big Thank You To Your Wedding Guests

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Should your wedding be held at gorgeous outdoor wedding venues, you wouldn’t want the Singapore heat to get to you or your beautifully dressed guests. Be generous in distributing papers fans and bottled water to all seats. For guests who have limited mobility, ensure that your wedding venue is accessible for disabled guests.

Additionally, if you expect some difficulty in your wedding guests finding their allocated seat amidst the inconvenient safe distancing measures, consider putting name tags or labels to aid them.

These acts ensure that your loved ones can enjoy the celebration thoroughly. The only heat they’ll be feeling is the warmth of your gestures!

4. Personalise Your Wedding Door-Gifts

4 Small Ways To Say A Big Thank You To Your Wedding Guests

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It’ll be tough to personally entertain every guest at your wedding. So make sure your guests receive your appreciative sentiments with gifts that aptly reflect that. One key way to do this is by personalising your gifts.

Perhaps you might have ordered individual jars of cookies for each guest. For a heartfelt finishing touch, print sticker labels containing your words of gratitude. Afterwards, when they head home, they’ll know you’ve made an effort to thank them, amidst the hustle and bustle of the wedding preparation. In return, they’ll be more than thankful for your kind thoughts and words too.


With the above tips, making your guests feel welcomed won’t mean extending your already extensive wedding planning checklist. When you bear your loved ones in mind, these tiny gestures will come to you more naturally.

4 Small Ways To Say A Big Thank You To Your Wedding Guests

Source: Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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