4 Wedding Day Emotions Every Bride and Groom Commonly Feel

4 Wedding Day Emotions Every Bride and Groom Commonly Feel

The months leading up to the wedding are an emotional roller coaster that only intensifies on the big day. The wedding day often resembles the feeling you receive seconds before reaching the top of a steep hill when the cart abruptly stops – you feel a rush of emotions moments before making the final descent.

The same can be said about weddings. Even the most composed individuals can experience a spectrum of emotions that catch them off guard. As a result, it is critical for both brides and grooms to be emotionally prepared for their walk down the aisle. To help make your wedding day less surprising or unpredictable, here is a list of the most common emotions brides and grooms tend to feel on their wedding day.

1. Anxiety

It goes without saying that planning a wedding can be extremely stressful. People typically want their wedding day to be faultless and to go exactly as planned, from the outfits and photos to the food and venue. Because there is so much to prepare for, stress and anxiety are common. It is natural to be nervous, especially since a wedding is such a significant occasion. Fortunately, you can quickly eliminate your wedding anxieties by engaging a professional wedding guide in Singapore.

2. Overwhelm

The wedding day can leave the bride and groom feeling as if they are in another reality. Such overwhelmingness usually stems from the surreal feelings they get from being surrounded by all their family members, friends, relatives, colleagues, and acquaintances. Add in the fact that they are dressed to the nines in a stunning wedding gown or tuxedo, exchanging vows with the love of their life.

As the centre of attention for the day, it is common for the bride and the groom to feel as if they are being pushed in different ways – from chatting with each of their guests and taking photographs to managing the flow of the celebration. In essence, the bride and the groom may feel overwhelmed by the love and support they get throughout the day.

3. Anger

It is possible to feel angry even during a celebration of love. This emotion catches many brides and grooms off guard. Most of the time, the stress brought by the wedding preparation leads the relationship to falter, causing one or both of the couples to feel a bit of anger. If not communicated early on, disagreements, disputes, and bitterness may arise in the days preceding a wedding or even just before the bride or the groom walks down the aisle.

4. Love

Love is the most prevalent and significant emotion that couples feel on their wedding day. On this day, one can feel various types of love, including love for their family and friends, love for their current life, godly love, and passionate love for their partner. There will be numerous occasions during the day when the bride and groom encounter intense outbursts of affection, making the occasion extremely special and memorable.


A wedding is undoubtedly a very memorable occasion that evokes a range of emotions. The wedding day can be highly emotional, especially for the bride and groom, who may cry, laugh, fidget, and feel incredibly loved. Understanding the possible emotions you may experience on your wedding day is crucial as it will help you prevent startling reactions and enjoy the day more thoroughly.

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