6 Must-Have Essentials in Your Wedding Emergency Kit

6 Must-Have Essentials in Your Wedding Emergency Kit

Every bride and groom wants their wedding day to run as smoothly and worry-free as possible. But sometimes, Murphy’s Law happens, and so it’s best to always be prepared for potential emergencies ahead of time! To stay ready to handle anything that may come your way, here are 6 must-have essentials in your wedding emergency kit, to be kept by your side at all times:

1. Medicine

6 Must-Have Essentials in Your Wedding Emergency Kit

You might be someone who only falls sick once a year, but all the pressure, excitement, or anxiety unconsciously looming over you on this special day could take a toll on even the strongest of us. Your choice of pain reliever can come in handy in such situations, and of course, remember to pack medicines for allergies, indigestion, headaches, and stomachaches. Antiseptic cream, band-aids, and blister plasters are also potential life-savers!

2. Sewing kit

6 Must-Have Essentials in Your Wedding Emergency Kit

Keeping a sewing kit is always a good idea because you’ll never know when you might need to do last-minute mending to your wedding gown. Your bridal party can also make use of the sewing kit to repair any tears, snags, or loose threads of theirs.

Just make sure that the kit contains threads of similar colours to the suits and dresses that you, your groom, and the bridal party will be wearing. Stain removers, safety pins, and fashion tapes are also good to include and can work in a pinch to prevent any unnecessary slips and stains.

3. Small hair and makeup kit

6 Must-Have Essentials in Your Wedding Emergency Kit

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Having a pocket-sized mirror will come in handy when checking for stray hairs or makeup faux pas before your important moments – think march-in, your wedding toast, and before snapping photographs.

Makeup remover and lip balms are also good to carry around, and if your wedding venue is outdoors, blotting papers and loose powder are a must to carry around with you so that you can keep excess oil and sweat at bay.

Getting teary-eyed on your wedding day is a high possibility too, so keep some Q-tips and tissues on hand to fix any smudges. As for your hair, bobby pins, hair ties, and hairspray are necessary essentials to keep it looking perfect all day long.

4. Snacks

Amidst all the preparation of your wedding and greeting of your guests, it is very easy for the bride, groom, and bridal party to forget to eat. In order to keep your spirits and energy level up, make sure you pack quick and light snacks in your emergency kit so that you can sneak a bite in between pockets of time! Granola bars, dried fruits, and nuts are great energy-boosters that will not stain your clothes. 

5. Phone chargers

6 Must-Have Essentials in Your Wedding Emergency Kit

Coordinating with your bridal party, surfing through your social media, and posting updates while you’re getting your hair and makeup done can drain your phone battery faster than you would expect. Don’t miss out on photo opportunities and social media updates by bringing a couple of phone chargers and power banks with you so that your phone stays charged and connected. Plus, if you ever need to contact anyone in case of emergency, a dead phone is the last thing you’ll need.

6. Refreshers

6 Must-Have Essentials in Your Wedding Emergency Kit

Nobody wants to smell bad, especially not on their special day. Keep with you some breath mints, dental floss, a refreshing foot spray, body wipes, deodorant, and travel-sized perfume at all times to ensure a fresh and clean state all day! When you look and feel good, you’ll naturally have more confidence to be able to enjoy yourself on your big day and flash that million-dollar smile.

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