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If only I could fit in…
That was all I ever wanted when I was a child. Being obese, there were limited choices in my wardrobe. I understood how it felt to the ego, when you were excited by pieces of sensational attire only to be disappointed. When I mastered fashion designing and image consultancy, that dream came true. You no longer have to fit into the clothes you long for. I make them to fit you.

Dress sense is as important as our five main senses. Very often, the first impression makes or breaks you. If you want to look dazzling at special occasions, it is difficult to achieve the best results with off-the- shelf apparel. These garments are not made to fit your most natural curves. A bespoke tailor puts together an ensemble to charm your audience. This is especially true when it is your wedding day. Embrace that special moment by looking at your most magnificent in a wedding suit designed by Amos Marcus. By my skilful designs, you are made spectacular in the most beautiful chapter of your life.

Amos Marcus made the ordinary person extraordinary, and I continue to evolve. Distinguishing myself by serving an exclusive clientele. Amos Marcus earned a place among the stars being a celebrity stylist. Certainly, not anyone could be a celebrity stylist. For celebrities who are constantly in the limelight, every angle must have grace and elegance with a touch of intensity that draws you in. What are the qualities of Amos Marcus that secured the prestige of being a celebrity stylist Sensitivity to colours and skin tones, added tiers of measurements to show a waist hugging slim cut, bold selection of fabrics are all elements Amos Marcus adopts.

A different cut, a different class.

Spark envy in others. Know how it feels to dress as a celebrity. With a complimentary 30-minute consultation, I personally assure that you will leave a better man or woman.

Amos Marcus Koh
The Designer of Stars


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