Tips To Help You Fall In Love With Your Engagement Ring

Tips To Help You Fall In Love With Your Engagement Ring

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When your significant other drops down on one knee and stares deep into your eyes, you instinctively know that that this moment will be one for the books. They’ll ask the life-changing question and then proffers a box with a ring that, unfortunately, doesn’t sweep you off your feet. The magical moment then suddenly comes to a screeching halt. A dilemma suddenly presents itself – you don’t exactly like the engagement ring they chose, what should you do?

If this situation sounds familiar, you’re not the only one. Many brides often land themselves in the exact predicament. Let’s face it: shopping for a gift is already hard as it is, let alone shopping for something as momentous and symbolic as an engagement ring?

As a result, many brides would rather keep silent about these displeasures than hurt their fiancé’s feelings. Fortunately, there are a few ways to help you better navigate this tricky and delicate situation. Here are four of them!

1. Give It Time

Tips To Help You Fall In Love With Your Engagement Ring

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If it wasn’t love at first sight, simply let the ring sit on your finger to see whether it grows on you. While it may not be the ring of your dreams, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t grow to love it.

To things easier, try asking your partner why they opted for that specific ring in the first place. Perhaps something interesting happened during their hunt for your engagement ring, or it looks similar to the ring that their mother wears. Knowing the reason behind their choice may change your views towards the ring, making you view it in a more favourable light.

2. Communicate It With Your Partner

Tips To Help You Fall In Love With Your Engagement Ring

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Even though it’s nerve-wracking, perhaps the best approach is simply having an open conversation with your partner. If the disappointment can’t be abated with time, it will only accumulate and potentially sour your relationship. To prevent such a conflict, timely communication is crucial. 

Raise the subject in private and do so in a loving and open manner. Given the delicateness of the matter, starting the conversation when you’re feeling upset will only cause everything to spiral downwards. It’s a total plan for disaster.

Start by acknowledging the love and consideration underlying the purchase and clarify that it’s never an attack on their choice nor your intention to hurt their feelings. If your significant other still feels offended otherwise, allow some time for both of you to cool off first before probing the subject at a later time again. However, don’t let the issue fester for too long. As the golden rule of couples’ conflict management states: “Never go to bed angry with someone you love.”

3. Modify Your Ring

Tips To Help You Fall In Love With Your Engagement Ring

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At the end of the day, you don’t want to dismiss the ring that your partner painstakingly chose. Simultaneously, you also don’t want to wear a ring you dislike every single day either. Strive to reach the middle ground by modifying your ring!

You may want to choose a new band entirely, and use the original band to create your wedding band for instance. Alternatively, you could opt for a ring enhancer to transform it into a brilliant engagement ring that fits your fancy.

Since it’s no longer a surprise, you can ask your partner for their opinions. This way, nobody will be left out, and the two of you can include both of your sentiments in this emblematic token of love.

4. If It’s About The Rock, It’s Best Not To Voice It Out

Tips To Help You Fall In Love With Your Engagement Ring

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As the adage goes, “Honesty is the best policy.” In most cases, this is applicable – but this is not one of those instances. If you’re disappointed by the carat (or the lack of) or the poor quality of your gem, you’ll want to keep such feelings to yourself.

Voicing it out is akin to alluding that your partner’s choice was inadequate. You wouldn’t want to invalidate your partner over the purchase and, by extension, their personal finances or what they thought best suited you.

It’s worth remembering that the ring doesn’t matter in the bigger scope of things. After all, you’re marrying the love of your life, not your engagement ring. Besides, the engagement ring is but a small puzzle piece in the grand scheme of the future – specifically, your marital union.

Tips To Help You Fall In Love With Your Engagement Ring

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