All You Need To Know About Diamond Engagement Rings

All You Need To Know About Diamond Engagement Rings

From choosing a jewellery store to the stone, there are many considerations when buying a diamond ring. If you’re on the lookout for the perfect diamond engagement ring, keep in mind the following to making your shopping a breeze:

The Four C’s

All You Need To Know About Diamond Engagement Rings

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A diamond’s quality can be determined by the four C’s, which in turn determines its price and value. The first of the four C’s is cut, which refers to the way a diamond’s facet interacts with light. This will help you show off your diamond’s sparkle under the sun at your pre-wedding photoshoot. Since a better cut gives more sparkles, the cut is one of the top considerations before getting a diamond ring. 

Secondly comes the colour, which refers to the diamond’s lack of colour. According to the Gemological Institute Of America (GIA) colour-grading scale, diamonds are graded in decreasing colourlessness from D to Z – D being the clearest and Z being the yellowest. Diamonds come in a variety of colours such as yellow, white, and red, so it is best to decide on the exact shade you prefer. 

Thirdly, clarity of a diamond refers to the sheerness of the stone. The higher the clarity grade of a diamond, the higher the absence of inclusions and blemishes in a diamond, which also means a steeper price. 

Lastly, carat refers to the weight of a diamond. Typically, a metric carat amounts to approximately 200 milligrams. As with the previous three, the number of carats determines the price and value of the rings – the bigger, the better.

Consider Your Budget

In addition to the design, price, and colour of the diamond, your budget can help to narrow down your choice from the many wedding bands

First and foremost, it should be your priority to set your budget. This may possibly be one of the first things the jeweller asks you, so knowing your budget will definitely help in your decision-making process. Additionally, a budget makes sure that you don’t spend out of your means. 

Your Partner

All You Need To Know About Diamond Engagement Rings

Your partner’s preference in terms of the engagement ring is just as important as your own decision – keep their taste in mind while shopping for the ring. Think about what colour or stone they prefer and look out for these few aspects as you’re shopping. It will help you to come up with the perfect pick.

If the two of you are going to do the shopping together, be observant and ask your partner for input. Let her show you a few options that she really likes, and then design something together to make it extra special. 

Last but not least, get your partner’s ring size right so that you can be sure it fits exactly and avoid awkward situations. Jewellers have easy measuring methods, but if you want to keep it a surprise, take one of her favourite rings while she’s away and bring it to the jeweller as reference! 

The Wedding Band

Once you’ve chosen the perfect diamond, you should decide on what the ring setting – the way the diamond is set – and ring band should look like. The bands can come in a variety of coloured silvers and golds, and you can design it to be intricate or elegantly simple.

While there are quite a few aspects to consider when picking the perfect diamond and engagement ring, the most important thing is to never rush the process. Always take your time to carefully select your preferred engagement ring – it is an important moment that happens once in a lifetime after all! 

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