3 Amazing Ways to Maximise a Small Wedding Venue

3 Amazing Ways to Maximise a Small Wedding Venue

Whatever the reason you and your partner decide to host an intimate wedding rather than a grand, lavish one, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on space. To help you make the most out of your wedding venue, we’ve provided 3 tips on how you can maximise your wedding venue!

1. The right seating plan

3 Amazing Ways to Maximise a Small Wedding Venue

When space is your main concern, you definitely have to put some thought into your seating arrangement. If you’re having a banquet-style wedding, consider using long, rectangular tables that stretch out instead of the traditional round tables so that you can save space on seating arrangements.

Most of your guests should be able to fit at the long table, with you and your significant other seated in the middle. If you are in need of even more space, place the tables closer to the side of the venue, leaving enough room in the middle open for guests to move around or dance.

2. Décor

3 Amazing Ways to Maximise a Small Wedding Venue

Wedding décor can be strategically placed to make a space look even more spacious. If you’re having an intimate wedding, avoid big and bulky décor pieces and opt for a smaller, minimalistic look. Using dainty or fine decorations will give your venue an added visual edge without taking over the whole show. Additionally, using big mirrors on the walls or using circular mirrors as underplates creates the illusion of space. 

Even lighting can play a huge part in shaping how your wedding venue looks. Overly dim or bright lighting can have a negative impact on the visual perception of spaces, making an already small area look even more compact. Instead of having a huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling, you and your partner can consider a venue with plenty of natural light. Furthermore, softer and more natural light can make your wedding photos look amazing!

On top of that, colours can have a hand in the way your decor influences your wedding venue too. For example, a dark colour scheme can feel suffocating and may cause the room to appear smaller. Opt for colour palettes with pastels and whites to avoid this issue. Do take note, however, to avoid mixing too many colours and themes as it can make the area look messy.

3. Remove unnecessary items

3 Amazing Ways to Maximise a Small Wedding Venue

Remove unnecessarily big furniture pieces and replace them with smaller, compact pieces. These include bulky benches, coffee tables, bar stools, or sculptures. If possible, it doesn’t hurt to ask the wedding venue owners if they can remove or store frames and paintings that don’t fit in with your wedding theme.

Be sure to replace such items with minimalistic wall décor, so that your venue doesn’t look too empty and drab. Additionally, you and your significant other should scout around and look for venues that provide you with the freedom to move a few things around so that you make the most of your wedding venue and create your dream celebration!

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