3 Best Ways to Rope Your Parents into the Wedding Planning

3 Best Ways to Rope Your Parents into the Wedding Planning

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Your parents always want the best for you. But when it comes to your wedding planning, it might get a little stressful to listen to every single piece of their input or advice. Their words may come from a good place, but if they fancy more traditional wedding dinners when all you want is an intimate celebration, reconciling these major disagreements will be hard.

So before you decide to discard or accept any suggestions, remember that your wedding is a celebration not just for you, but also your parents! The good news is, you can balance both of your preferences all whilst keeping the entire event a happy occasion. The secret lies in including them in the early stages – use these tips to rope your parents in the wedding planning process!

1. Share Your Priorities  

3 Best Ways to Rope Your Parents into the Wedding Planning

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From the very beginning, it’s best to understand what your wedding priorities are: your wedding vision and what you are not willing to compromise on. This will help when you share your decisions and rationales; you set the expectations and avoid any possible forms of friction.

For instance, if you’re planning to host an intimate wedding, let your parents know why! Perhaps you have a modern wedding in mind with an intimate reception that allows you to spend quality time with those who matter most. Conversely, your parents might have a more traditional mindset and perceive weddings to be huge occasions where all of your friends, family and extended family members should come together to celebrate.

If your parents’ wedding ideals are completely different from yours: be patient. Differences don’t get reconciled immediately and compromises take effort from both parties. Talk through things slowly and intentionally with them to understand one another’s perspectives before (hopefully) arriving at a more amicable decision.

2. Seek Their Help in Smaller Tasks 

3 Best Ways to Rope Your Parents into the Wedding Planning

Delegating smaller tasks to your parents doesn’t necessarily mean you are limiting their contributions. These smaller tasks are merely areas where you don’t have strong regard or opinion. For example, perhaps deciding the linen texture for your tablecloths might not be a big issue for you – only the colour choice is. Then by all means, enlist the help of your parents in smaller matters like this.

Alternatively, maybe you and your significant other have considered doing away with the Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony or the Guo Da Li Ceremony because of your lack of knowledge over these customs. However, if your parents see the importance of the custom, let them take the lead! It’s a win-win situation: your parents are included in the planning and you reduce the possibility of having squabbles over a ‘small’ task.

Whatever the parental task delegation might be, always keep in mind your rationales for including your parents in the wedding planning to begin with. If you still harbour some doubts up till this point, maybe this article might provide some clarifications.

3. Bear the Wedding Costs

3 Best Ways to Rope Your Parents into the Wedding Planning

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Practically speaking, the one who pays for the wedding should have a say in the planning. But this logic brings a potential issue when parents have been known to fork out a hefty sum for the wedding.

Letting your folks chip in helps to ease your financial burden. However, if you foresee that this could lead to arguments, it’s best to pay for the wedding (or at least, the majority) yourself. But if your generous parents continue to insist, consider restricting their monetary contributions to perhaps, their favourite wedding catering services in Singapore, or chalk it up to your wedding registry.

4. Quality Time is Priceless

3 Best Ways to Rope Your Parents into the Wedding Planning

In the midst of all the wedding planning discussions, remember to set aside some quality time for your parents! Regardless of whatever familial friction you might encounter during the wedding planning, cherish the time that you have together. Once you’re married, you probably won’t have as much time with them. At the same time, you’d want to show them that you genuinely appreciate their help. Trust us, once you begin your wedded life proper, it’ll be much harder to allocate precious family time with your parents.

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