Wedding Visuals 101: How To Choose Your Floral Vendor

Wedding Visuals 101: How To Choose Your Floral Vendor

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Every aspect of your wedding, no matter big or small, is an important jigsaw piece that makes up the whole picture. But when it comes to visuals, nothing quite packs an immediate punch as florals do. Not only do they beautify the space, their loveliness helps to sprinkle a sense of romance in the air while also conveying that your big day is one of celebration.

Florals easily modify environments (for the better); thus, it’s not farfetched to claim that they are great statement decor pieces to create a pleasant and gorgeous ambience for your wedding guests. As with any investments, you’ll want to ensure that you take special care when selecting your florists. If you’re not sure how to, we’re here to help.

The Difference Between A Florist And A Floral Designer

They may seem one and the same, but a florist and a floral designer have two entirely different job scope and skillsets.

Wedding Visuals 101: How To Choose Your Floral Vendor

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A florist is one who works in a brick-and-mortar shop selling floral arrangements a la carte.

Wedding Visuals 101: How To Choose Your Floral Vendor

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A floral designer, on the other hand, curates a design and works with an entire vendor team.

In order to choose the right person for the job, you’ll need to first know how big your wedding is going to be. If all you need is a few floral arrangements that can be prepared and picked up ahead of time, such as bouquets and a small number of table arrangements, a florist can work just fine.

However, if you wish to transform the entire wedding venue, into the whimsical garden wedding of your dreams, then you’re better off hiring a floral designer.

Matching Aesthetics

Wedding Visuals 101: How To Choose Your Floral Vendor

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As with any artists and creators, floral designers are essentially creatives at heart. After all, their job is to beautify big and small wedding venues for a very special day.

But what is beautiful to them may not necessarily be the same for you. Hence, make sure to find a vendor that matches your aesthetic. Trying to mould your preferences into somebody else’s will only leave you disappointed, which is the last thing you’d want to feel during an occasion as momentous as this.

Discuss Your Budget

Wedding Visuals 101: How To Choose Your Floral Vendor

Like it or not, your budget dictates a significant portion of your wedding planning checklist. For more information on how exactly to plan your checklist, click here.

Otherwise, apart from giving you a rough guideline on where to allocate your money, having a wedding budget (along with a tidy spreadsheet) lets you know how much you should be spending on a particular wedding detail. By extension, this also helps you determine the type of vendors you can employ.

As with other wedding components, pricing compatibility is a crucial prerequisite when choosing your ideal floral vendor. Unfortunately, the cost for floral services varies widely, and it can increase dramatically depending on a number of variables, such as flower preferences, guest count and more. As a result, it’s almost impossible for a floral designer to put out a blanket price on their services.

If you’re not quite sure how much to invest, start with 10 percent of your wedding budget. Notify your floral designer of this number, along with the expected number of guests and other possible variables. From there, your designer will have a clearer picture of what you want and the viable options.

It’s All In The Details

Wedding Visuals 101: How To Choose Your Floral Vendor

Actualising your dream wedding is only possible if all the details, from big to small, are accounted for. Whether it’d be an impressive floral arch or small boutonnieres, these details will come together to create a wedding celebration you will never forget.

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