Zhen Yu, Fong & Esther Hoon


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Esther: We met each other when we were still teenagers through an event. Throughout the years, we always knew what the other was up to through social media. A few years ago, he chatted with me over Facebook when he saw a photo of me with another friend whom he knew as well. At first, we were just catching up, but it eventually led to a meet-up and we never stopped seeing each other since then.

In fact, it was a pretty random day that both of us decided to have each other for the rest of our life. He came to pick me up after work with his bike and I thought he was just there to meet me for dinner as usual. Yet, when I opened his box to store my things, I was greeted with a surprise bouquet of flowers. The next second, I saw him with a ring on his hand and he popped the question.

Zhen Yu: We first met when we were teenagers. She happened to be one of the introduction course coordinators for a workshop that my father sent me to. I had me the girl of my dreams. Back then, I was so excited when I found out that she was going to be the one in-charge of my group. So naturally, as we spent the day, I was trying my best to find out more about her than the course itself.

Years later, as I grew older and of course, after a series of relationships, I chanced upon her profile once again and I noticed something strange: Why is there a picture of her and a houseman from Ritz Carlton whom I used to work with during my part-time days back in poly?

Thereon, I started a conversation with her and found out that her company was working with the Ritz Carlton for events — which explained how she knew some of the people there. Then, I got to know that she was currently taking up a degree in Facilities Management, which is similar to mine — what a small world, right? From there, we chatted almost every night, and it was like a long awaited dream come true. Finally, it was time to ask her out.

As I rode my motorcycle, I asked her if she was comfortable with being pillion. I guess it was fate — turns out, she loves motorcycles and even wanted to get a license for herself. That was definitely a plus point for her, making me even adore her more.

So we spent most of our dates exploring Singapore’s parks and the outdoors, as we both enjoy the serene and peaceful experience nature brings. Almost every night without fail, we would be talking on the phone till three or four in the morning.

I recall once, we actually stayed out till the sun came up and watched the sunrise together. Bringing her out was a dream come true; spending such quality time with her was a fantasy that I have been living in. As we got closer, we decided to make things official and get married.

Bride’s Style

Esther: We had a hard time deciding who to approach to prepare for the pre-wedding shoot, gowns as well as choosing a photographer and videographer for our wedding day.

Eventually, I was introduced to Odelia Bridal through a friend and decided on them. There were a few factors that made us choose them — mainly their excellent service standard and perfectionism. Not only did they fulfil our wishes for a skilful photographer, they also showcased unique wedding gowns.

The gowns were designed by the lady boss herself and I really liked the small details that she added to the different gowns for an additional touch, while at the same time not overdoing it. Even though the gowns were nice, I actually did have my own idea of what I wanted. Thankfully, the lady boss was really kind and patient with my requests. She easily resolved my concerns by altering the gown or clarifying from her professional perspective how my request might not have been suitable.


Both: Our wedding venue came naturally to us as both of us wanted to hold it at Ritz-Carlton; a place that held many memories for us. Unfortunately, for 30 tables, their ballroom was too big and other function rooms were too small to accommodate our guests. As such, we went for the closest alternative, which was Mandarin Oriental.

After conducting the site visit, we immediately made a confirmation as the venue was suitable. Additionally, their staff were patient in explaining the fine details of how the wedding event would be. That allowed us to be at ease, knowing that our important event was in the good hands of experienced professionals.

Throughout the whole event, we only needed to communicate with ShiQi, the assistant manager, who would coordinate all involved parties of the event on our behalf. Amidst the hectic planning of our wedding, she brought up concerns and proposed solutions on areas which we might have overlooked.

For our wedding dinner, the most important thing to us was the venue and its food. Initially, I was quite skeptical towards the standard of food as we had arranged for a full vegetarian wedding dinner, which is pretty uncommon. Yet, their chef really surprised me. Both sides of our family who went for the food tasting were very satisfied and amazed by the chef’s creativity in coming up with the dishes. “It does not taste nor look vegetarian!”, I remember my sister-in-law saying.

With regards to the wedding theme, decorations, flowers and all other small details, we had many crazy and wild ideas, but we were clueless on how we could materialise them into reality. Fortunately, Shi Qi guided us through the whole process and managed to fulfil our wishes one by one. When we were too busy to respond, she was very understanding and went the extra mile to lighten our load whenever possible.

We are glad that our guests enjoyed the evening with us and were grateful to hear things from them.

Memorable Moments

Both: Our favourite part of the wedding is naturally the part when Zhen Yu did his surprise performance for me. Another memorable moment would be the feeling of honking the car without any worries or concern during our gatecrashing.

Not to mention our morning photoshoot: Going to Marina Barrage with the brothers and sisters. Coincidentally, there was a primary school event there and every little primary school student were staring at us. They were even congratulating us!

Zhen Yu: Lastly, our evening dinner: Giving the speech to 300 guests and having to perform piano and singing in front of so many people. The last singing part was actually a surprise for my wife as she didn’t know about it. I was secretly planning the balloons and flowers altogether and all in fear of her finding out!


Photography: Odelia Bridal
Videography: Odelia Bridal
Venue: Mandarin Oriental
Wedding Gown: Odelia Bridal
Evening Gown: Odelia Bridal
Cheongsam: Odelia Bridal
Suits: Odelia Bridal
Hair: Odelia Bridal
Makeup: Odelia Bridal
Flowers & Decor: Odelia Bridal


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