Serendipity finally brought us together

STYLE : Everything was simple and intimate. My mum took lessons and sewed me a cheongsam for the reception while he had his suit made in Bangkok. We did not even have planned sitting at the wedding – we just had the few tables there randomly marked as “Relatives” and “Friends” and our folks really just self-organised themselves for the lunch reception!

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This is our story of serendipity and how we finally found each other.

We were not fated to meet till much later in life, even though we grew up in the same neighbourhood where my grandmother lived, hung out at the same places and cafes, and even went to the same University together.

When I finally met him, it was at work and we only hit it off after many projects together, because we both were rather reserved individuals. It was strange how we kept ending up working together!  He was also passionate for photography while my interests laid in videography. Once, when reviewing old videos together, he turned to me and said he was pretty convinced that he would have popped up in my old videos before. Somehow, I believed him and decided to load a video I randomly shot on our University grounds a few years back. Within the first 10 seconds, we got goosebumps because there he was, literally walking just past me in the video!

From there, we traced back our histories together and were surprised at how close we could be to meeting each other in all those years while we were growing up.

I guess you could not rush fate...We had a simple wedding ceremony at the Halia restaurant in Botanic Gardens with just a few relatives and friends. While I did not wear a gown or jewellery then, or even took any wedding photos for our reception, it was very much memorable because my shy guy actually sang a song for me in front of everyone! Of course, it was all the more special because that was the day where we decided to spend the rest of our lives together as husband and wife.


We have since been happily together for more than 10 years now.

We are definitely looking forward to the many, many more great years ahead!



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