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Our love story began when Gerald liked my profile on Coffee Meets Bagel. It was my first 2 weeks into this dating app experience and he made "chatting with a stranger" a whole lot easier. As our conversation moved along, we found more and more similarities and the most fascinating of all is our birthday falls 2 days apart - I mean, what are the chances right?! To be able to meet someone who hit off so well with birthday that is 2 days apart. Probably that is what made us "similar" in some way, but it also made us take a step back to understand ourselves and each other better during fights.

We did not have a regular first date since that was my very first time meeting someone through the internet and him offering to fetch me! Being a typical Singaporean, I was skeptical about him even though we hit off well through messaging. I was worried about him knowing my home address or even topics running out halfway through the date. So I initiated for him to fetch me from a shopping mall and even finding stuff to do like asking him to shop for a bag that i needed to get. To my surprised, he went along with my requests and we even chatted till the wee hours of 2am before he send me home. 

It has been 3 years into the relationship and like everyone else, we faced the ups and downs as a couple and arguments are inevitable. However, it is through all these that we learnt to never sleep our emotions off till the next morning. When we argue, we waited for both of us to cool down before we had an "adult chat". 

Two weeks ago, he decided to popped the question to ask me to be his soulmate forever. He knew the proposal was not what I have always dreamed about but he still made it memorable despite the restrictions that was brought about by this pandemic. That night, he decorated his bed with everything that he has and knelt in his room with just the two of us. That is what made it special. Because when the time is right, nothing else matter. <3

We have just started to look around and plan for our wedding. But because his work is part of the essential services, he has been very busy and thus, we have not really settled on any vendors. I hope to win this so that he can have a proper rest to start planning for our big day!


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