Garden Solemnization and Private Dining Room Dinner


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From the early stages of planning, Gwendolene from Faber Peak has been very forthcoming in helping us to organize our wedding. Knowing that we only had less than 3 months till our wedding, she understood very well we were rather anxious in securing a venue. She allowed us to soft book Faber Peak on our desired date for up to 2 weeks. Gwendolene was also very accommodating towards our various requests. These are things like extra complimentary parking coupons, additional screens, early access to makeup room, complimentary cable car tickets, etc etc... It felt like almost everything was negotiable, and in actual fact Gwendolene will help us to secure it. We really appreciate what Gwendolene had done for us.

On the actual day, the accommodating attitude of the staff at Faber Peak came through again. Banquet Manager Grace led and guided us through the whole process, doing her best to calm our nerves on our big day. Especially when we chose to DIY a lot of our logistics. The set up at the venue was on point, the views were amazing, and the food was genuinely good. And we were super lucky to get a beautiful sunset out at the garden solemnization for the most amazing photos.

If you are looking for a cozy wedding venue with outdoor solemnization and comfortable indoor dining, look no further. We couldn't be happier with our choice of venue.

Once again, we would like to thank the whole team at Faber Peak. Grace, Nizam, Rahim and the rest of the service staff and chef for an immaculately executed evening. And more importantly, Gwendolene, who has most helpful in arranging everything for us, leading up to our big day. THANK YOU!


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