Jed Tay & Ang Sheng Min


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Jed and I were from different batches of the same course in Nanyang Polytechnic. Even though we knew each other, we didn’t really talk as much back then. When Jed started Anomalyst Studio with a few of his classmates, they hired me to work under his mentorship as a full-timer and from thereon, we began working closely together. As time went by, we discovered that we had plenty of common interests and started to develop feelings for one another.

The proposal happened on my 21st birthday which was held on a yacht. Jed had gathered both our families and all of my loved ones for the celebration. I hadn’t suspected anything since we were supposed to fly off to Hong Kong right after the party; so my mind was pretty much occupied and excited for the holiday. 

The party went well into the night and as I opened my eyes for the cake-cutting ceremony, I saw Jed kneeling before me with everyone’s eyes waiting and staring at me. At that moment, I felt so lost from being caught off-guard. Yet, his sincere speech and adoring eyes were so moving that I had no reason to say no. Having to propose in front of both our parents was enough for me to entrust myself to him. 

Marriage to me is something pure and simple. For my march-in wedding gown, which I got from The Aisle, I chose a white, silk dress that is simple, minimalistic and without any lace or jewellery. Since the theme of my banquet was ‘Past, Present, Future’, I wanted my white wedding gown to be timeless as well.

Another reason as to why I chose that wedding gown was also because we had a dress projection specially done by Anomalyst Studio. Since we were going to project our childhood photos on the dress, we figured a plain dress without any form of embroidery or embellishment would be more fitting. The projection was an eye-opener to my audience as it breaks away from the traditional way of viewing a childhood/dating video while at the same time, making my dress stand out even more. 

Following the advice given to us from Sheraton Towers, we forewent a theme for our banquet setting. Instead, we hung photos of our childhood as décor for the reception since it held true to the concept of Past, Present, Future. Our concerns were mainly aimed at the quality and portion of the banquet; we felt that our guests should enjoy the ceremony and the food as well. 

Adapting to our needs, Sheraton Towers was very willing to share ideas with us and accommodating to all of our requests for the projection mapping, which required time to plan and technicians to troubleshoot. After a successful dress projection, we had a surprise tribute video of our parents — whom we had secretly filmed for the past 6 months.

All in all, I’d say that the banquet was a success and plenty of our guests complimented the dress projection as something they’d never seen before and most importantly, that it was also moving to them as the tribute video showcased the selfless parts of both our parents. 

It’s never easy as marriage isn’t just about the two of us. It involves both of our families and thus, communication and expectations are key to a successful wedding. Luckily, the whole wedding brought our families closer since we tend to get things done together — same goes to Jed and I. He’s been very supportive with every decision I’ve made and he’d try his best to help me out with anything I needed too. Honestly, I didn’t find it stressful; instead I found it rather enjoyable, and it felt like a final trial to our relationship.

I enjoyed every moment of it but the most memorable moment was definitely our opening march-in. Being able to see our loved ones cheering for us, tearing for us while celebrating our big day. I don’t think I will ever forget any of the moments, as every moment is important for the wedding. Luckily for me, I had the process documented so it’s easier for me to look back and reminisce lest I forget in the future.


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