A Lucky Tale of Two Unlucky Beings

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Meet the Bride-to-be: 

Two years and some ago, just a single woman in her 30s with no luck in the romance department - no thanks to her passion and commitment for her beloved sport, she never had a boyfriend in the wealth of her 30+ years of life experience. 

It wasn’t for her lack of trying though... Despite being a hopeless romantic at heart, no amount of Korean dramas could save her from her natural muscular physique and tomboyish demeanour which earns an automatic friend-zone pass from her male counterparts.  

Enter the Groom-to-be: 
4 years and some ago, in his late 20s and already many times ditched. In spite of the countless abuse suffered at the hands of his ex under the same roof, he was determined to make his last relationship work. 

The effort was all for naught when the ex conjured a disappearing act - her belongings (plus some of his valuables) and their beloved dog gone without a trace when he returned from work one day.   

This isn’t some scripted TV drama... just an unexpected true love story that’s stranger than fiction.

Both in their 30s and somewhat jaded by the idea of love, they stopped seeking to be romanced and content themselves with independence. It wasn’t till at the behest of their closest pals did they download an online dating app @coffeemeetsbagel. As fate would have it, they connected through the magic of the app’s algorithm some 2 years later for her (4 months for him). 

Let’s not go into the cheesy details about the mad chemistry shared over the virtual world of text messaging. 

After countless virtual matches and six actual meet ups - two of which were disastrous dates with perverts (that’s another story to tell), you will have to forgive her skeptism in this “lucky” number 7’s sob story. It has been one too many disappointing episodes of expectations vs reality.  

Despite her best efforts to calm her socks down, this hopeless romantic’s hyperactive imagination caused two whole weeks of insomnia. Their endless banter and unexpected chemistry has her writing mental wedding speeches and mulling baby names (LOL) faster than she could stop herself. She had to see him in real life to know if he’s the real deal and worth losing any more sleep over. 

And so, she surprised the coffeemaster who captured her heart on Coffee Meets Bagel at his workplace - Starbucks (how very apt, too bad she forgot to order a bagel). Nervous as she was, the state of incoherence she sent the suave barista into was unprecedented by his standards.

And that my friends is the story of how coffeeboy met bae-girl... and how two very unlucky people can be lucky enough to find each other. (Okay la, more credit to the tenacity and capacity we had to keep believing in love till we found it.)  

Thank you @Blue Bay bridal for the capture of our precious story where we first met. 

This story is still unfolding... ;)  Looking forward to being his Mrs @ Sofitel Sentosa for our wedding soon.  

Ever Gracias,  
The Bride to Be


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